Ditching the Resume

I want to be the ITSM guru who never needs to write another resume. Ever.

I am not there yet, I admit, but it is my professional goal. Not to be rich. Not to pass the Service Strategy exam. Not even to understand what really makes up that nebulous ITIL V3 CMS.

You may wonder if it is because I hate HR types. Maybe, but I think I don’t really hate HR types. Actually I think HR is the most undervalued job in corporate America. HR has the largest impact on organizational performance, yet it is often an administrative job that collects time sheets and writes and distributes the formal HR manual that nobody reads.

I have a friend who I would trust implicitly for any ITSM engagement. He has it all. The certification. The theory. The practical experience. The communication skills. Practical tool knowledge. He plays a musical instrument. I know he is looking and I hope I can be the one to find him something.

I want to be known the way I know him. I won’t need a resume.

The resume is an anachronism. It is a two-page summary of a person’s professional life that warrants 10 seconds of a hiring manager’s life, in order to ascertain whether the applicant can spell correctly or pay for a professional resume preparation service.

This is the pinnacle of our knowledge-worker economy? If so we are all doomed.

I heard somewhere that eighty percent of Americans lie on their resume. Maybe it was sixty percent. It doesn’t matter.

Knowledge workers need to move beyond this. The resume is a standard tool to describe commoditized products.

If your professional career has to be confined to a static resume, then you are competing with 100,000 other commodities around the world. You are a commodity, like pork bellies or light-sweet crude that costs less than bottled water.

I started this the other day. It isn’t finished yet, but I am calling it my Visual Resume. Publicly I am posting only a low-res portion of it. Email me and I will send you the fuller version of it.

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