ITIL Certification Update for July 2011

The latest ITIL certification statistics are available here from APMG. As usual we have tried to make sense of the numbers. Click on the thumbnails to see more detailed views.

The graph above shows the number of ITIL Foundations exams taken since January 2009. Worldwide interest is continuing to grow a an annual 15% growth rate.

Worldwide interest is distributed roughly evenly between Europe, Asia, and North America. However, the North American share has declined from 29% in April 2010 to 20% in July 2011.

At the Intermediate exam level, the Lifecycle track continues to pull away from the Capability track. However, the Lifecycle track saw a large dip in July that wasn’t seasonal and wasn’t reflected in the Capability track. I suspect candidates were awaiting the arrival of the ITIL 2011 refresh before resuming Lifecycle track certifications.

By region, the Intermediate exams are dominated by Europe, which generates about half the total Intermediate certifications. North America, as a share of the total Intermediate certification market, has declined from 39% in January 2010 to 20% in July 2011.

The advanced certification include V2 Managers and V3 Intermediate, and V3 Managers Bridge exams. The V3 Managers bridge saw a huge spike in June 2011 just prior to the expiration of the exam. Afterwards it fell to a negligible level in July 2011. The number of newly minted ITIL V3 Experts dipped from 2,188 in June to 280 in July. It remains to be seen whether interest in the advanced V3/2011 certifications will grow now that the V3 Bridge track from V2 has been officially retired.

The graph below shows the growth in the total number of ITIL V3 Expert certifications since January 2009.