Validating Configuration Management Uses

Two weeks ago I discussed how the value of Configuration Management activities are derived from the improvements made to other processes. I want to suggest another way that this can happen, borrowing concepts that recently starting to surface in Project Management communities. That concept is called PRUB and was introduced last year by a professor […]

IT Asset Management

Introduction Last week I discussed how organizations with low maturity in the processes that Configuration Management supports will not realize any value from Configuration Management activities. Financial Management of IT Services Availability Management IT Service Continuity Management Change Management Release and Deployment Management Incident Management Problem Management There is an exception to this observation: IT […]

The Value of Configuration Management

Understanding Value For the purpose of understanding the value of Configuration Management, we have to trace how value is added to transactions. The value transaction is important to the supplier because that is where value to the customer is measured. (Presumably the customers use value exceeds the transaction value, or the transaction is not sustainable.) […]

The Balanced Improvement Matrix

Two weeks ago I presented to a customer how their IT improvement program can be improved by adopting principles from ITIL. I used this slide to illustrate another way to think about the issue. Click to expand Recipient of Benefits The Y-axis who receives most of the immediate benefit of the activity. “Inside” refers to […]

ITIL Certifications for 2013

The ITIL Exam Certification Statistics for 2013 are out, and we are now ready to present the final results. All the images below may be expanded for higher resolution. All numbers are rounded to thousands (Foundation) or hundreds (Advanced) unless otherwise indicated. Foundation A total of 245,000 certificates were issued in 2013, up 3.6% from […]

Should Backups be Tracked as CIs?

Short answer: probably not. Is there any business value in tracking backups? In other words, can you improve operational efficiency, increase revenue or defer costs in excess of expenses by doing so? One scenario to track backups as CIs would occur if the cost of loss (I.e to reputation) is significantly in excess of tracking […]

Six Steps to Successful CMDB Implementations

Have you been asked to implement a CMDB? Here are a few pointers for doing it successfully. Find the “low hanging fruit” where you will obtain the most benefit for the least cost. Implement that. Configuration Management should be focused on improving processes, not implementing a database. A database is the presumed tool, but you […]

Managing to Design

I realized yesterday that I almost didn’t buy my iPhone 5 because of a cable. Apple introduced the new Lightening Connector with the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to replace the older iPod connector. The new cable is smaller and reversible, but unlike Android devices supports only the slower USB2 standard. Lack of higher speeds […]

Should Incidents Be Re-Opened?

Should Incidents be re-opened? The simple answer is: yes, if it was Closed incorrectly. Incorrect closure may include incorrect or incomplete testing or failure to confirm service restoration with the customer or user. However, IT environments are complex and reality is seldom so simple. I advocate instead against reopening Incidents, after a 2-3 day Resolved […]