Service Management Is Dead

“Service Management is dead.” That was my first thought when I read McKinsey Querterly’s “Capturing value from IT infrastructure innovation” from October 2012. That was going to be the point of this blog post. Then I read it again. Conclusion 1: Innovation is more than just technology. Conclusion 3: The path to end-user productivity is […]

McKinsey on Automating Service Operations

Good article from McKinsey about automating customer service with IT. Some key takeaways: make pilots, do field tests,  don’t over-plan or over-build, and try to change processes and mindsets in conjunction with the technology roll out. These are common recommendations in consultant circles, but it illustrates with some good and original examples. Plus here is […]

Project Management Systems: Moving Project Management From an Operational to a Strategic Discipline

Abstract: This article illustrates one aspect of the concept of “fit” between an organization’s implementation of project management and its organizational context by exploring how the underlying drivers of an organization’s strategy might influence not only the nature of the projects that it undertakes, but also the appropriateness of the arrangements that it makes to […]

Exploring the Role of Steering Committees in Realizing Value From Project Management

Abstract: The impact of steering committees on project performance and their role in creating value from project management capabilities is not well understood. A case study analysis was chosen to analyze the configurations and specific functions of project steering committees. A measurement model for steering committee configurations was developed to enable further survey-based studies. One […]

What is the dividing line between a Project and a Change?

When is a Change really a Project? ITIL simply says the following are not changes: Changes with significantly wider impacts than service changes, e.g. departmental organization, policies and business operations – these changes would produce RFCs to generate consequential service changes Changes at an operational level such as repair to printers or other routine service […]

Building Value Through Sustainable Project Management Offices

Abstract: Organizations’ attempts to implement and gain value from investments in project management have resulted in rapid growth and, in some cases, demise of project management offices (PMOs). The recent research literature on PMOs provides an ambiguous picture of the value case for PMOs and suggests the tenuous nature of their current position in many […]

McKinsey Survey: IT Potential Unmet

In a December 2008 survey of C-level executives titled IT’s unmet potential: McKinsey Global Survey Results (free registration required), McKinsey Global Institute documents the discrepancy between the desired and actual business results of IT. It also demonstrates some differences between the expectations among IT and non-IT executives. Of particular interest: Nearly two-thirds of executives believe their organizations […]

Researching the Value of Project Management

On Tuesday I attended the monthly dinner meeting of Portland Chapter of the Project Management Institute, where Dr. Janice Thomas presented some results of her three year study that PMI will sell this year in a paper called Research on the Value of Project Management. The research team studied over 60 organizations over a year […]