A Domain-Specific Architecture for Deep Neural Networks | September 2018 | Communications of the ACM

Moore’s Law is dead. Let’s not mince words. DRAM chips introduced in 2014 contained eight billion transistors. Chips with 16-billion will not be mass produced until 2019. At the very least, the growth exponent has flattened. Meanwhile, the company associated with Moore, Intel, is struggling to stay relevant with its CISC architecture. The RISC-based ARM […]

Do boring speakers really talk for longer?

This headline violates Betteridge’s Law of Headlines — Yes, boring speakers do drone on longer than interesting ones. Although brief, the article contains some good pointers to keep in mind for my upcoming presentation on Managing IT in 2019. “Dull talks at conferences can feel interminable.” — Read on www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-06817-z

Demonstration of Data Analysis with Quantum Computing

It’s hard to miss the news on quantum computing. Breakthroughs in the last few years have demonstrated the opportunities and potential of quantum computing. The question is whether it will scale to more qbits while maintaining the stability of quantum entanglement. There are detractors, but it is too promising and far-reaching to ignore. The work […]

A Critique of Pure Data: Part 1

Rationalism was a European philosophy popular in the 18th and 19th centuries that emphasized discovering knowledge through the use of pure reason, independent of experience. It rejected the assertion of Empiricism that no knowledge can be deduced a priori. At the center of the dispute was cause and effect–whether effects could ever be determined from […]

Service Management Is Dead

“Service Management is dead.” That was my first thought when I read McKinsey Querterly’s “Capturing value from IT infrastructure innovation” from October 2012. That was going to be the point of this blog post. Then I read it again. Conclusion 1: Innovation is more than just technology. Conclusion 3: The path to end-user productivity is […]

The Role of COBIT5 in IT Service Management

In Improvement in COBIT5 I discussed my preference for the Continual Improvement life cycle. Recently I was fact-checking a post on ITIL (priorities in Incident Management) and I became curious about the guidance in COBIT5. The relevant location is “DSS02.02 Record, classify and prioritize requests and incidents” in “DSS02 Manage Service Requests and Incidents”. Here […]

HP’s $10 billion SKMS

In August 2011 HP announced the acquisition of enterprise search firm, Autonomy, for $10 billion. It is possible HP was just crazy and former CEO, Leo Apotheker, was desperate to juice up HP’s stock price. With Knowledge Management. Within ITSM the potential value is huge. Value can be seen in tailored services and improved usage, […]

The 17 Step Expert

Originally To A Friend Struggling With Career: I was chatting with an old friend a few days ago who is struggling with career direction and what she wants to do. Here is my advice, compiled from a variety of “expert” sources and personal experience. Keep in mind these pertain to expertise in a knowledge-based industry. […]

Empowered: More FLAWs than an Uncelebrated HERO

If nothing else, Empowered, Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, Transform Your Business has given the world several new FLAWs (four letter acronym words). At last reckoning there were three: HERO, IDEA, and POST, but one of these was introduced in an earlier book, Groundswell. Empowered has given the world a lot more than that. […]