McKinsey on Automating Service Operations

Good article from McKinsey about automating customer service with IT. Some key takeaways: make pilots, do field tests,  don’t over-plan or over-build, and try to change processes and mindsets in conjunction with the technology roll out. These are common recommendations in consultant circles, but it illustrates with some good and original examples. Plus here is […]

McKinsey Survey: IT Potential Unmet

In a December 2008 survey of C-level executives titled IT’s unmet potential: McKinsey Global Survey Results (free registration required), McKinsey Global Institute documents the discrepancy between the desired and actual business results of IT. It also demonstrates some differences between the expectations among IT and non-IT executives. Of particular interest: Nearly two-thirds of executives believe their organizations […]

IT Spending Flat in 2009

Computer Economics reports zero growth in IT spending in 2009.  IT operational spending growth peaked in 2007 at 5.0% and then declined this year to 4.0%. As reported earlier in this study, however, a significant number (41%) of respondents do not expect to spend all of the money budgeted for this year, which means that […]

IT Spending Down (but not out) in 2009

As reported in, a new study released by Computer Economics suggests IT departments do anticipate major cuts in 2009, despite the downturn. However, a third anticipate cuts in travel and expenses. The executive summary, which is available here, says the research is based on surveys of 200 IT professionals, and it the 19th annual […]