Cumulative ITIL Certs since 2008

These numbers are estimates based on number of exams taken multiplied by the pass rates. In some cases the pass rates are not available and I had to use a proxy pass rate. For ITIL V2 Foundation passrates I used the average V3 Foundation pass rate. For advanced ITIL V2 certifications I used 60% pass rates. These were as reasonable assumptions as I could make based on published data.

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My estimates for Foundation certificates awarded since 2008 are:

ITIL V2 Foundation: 142,000
ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge: 33,000
ITIL V3 Foundation: 548,000

My estimates for advanced ITIL certificates awarded since 2008 are:

V2 Practitioners: 9,000
V2 Service Managers: 18,000
V3 Experts (via Managers Bridge): 12,500
V3 Experts (via MALC): 2,500
V3 Experts (Total): 15,000