ITIL Exam Statistics Updated for July 2012

APM Group has released their ITIL exam statistics through July 2012. I have compiled their statistics and present them with a little more context.

ITIL Foundation

  • Over 148,000 Foundation exams have been administered in so far in 2012, resulting in over 132,000 certificates to date.
  • Passrate is 90% in 2012, up steadily from 85% in 2010.
  • Total results for 2012 is on a trajectory for 10% growth over 2011. That year ended with 250,000 exams taken resulting in 220,000 Foundation certificates issued.
  • Asia has overtaken Europe in July at 40% of exams taken globally. This is partially attributable to seasonal cycles in both regions, but Asia’s share has risen steadily from around 25% in the first half of 2010.
  • Using unverified but credible data from another source that dates back to 1994, I estimate just under 1.4 million ITIL Foundation certificates have been issued total worldwide.

ITIL Advanced Certificates

  • No V2 or V3 Bridge certifications were issued in 2012.
  • Almost 29,500 intermediate exams were taken in 2012, resulting in over 23,000 intermediate certificates. (Note: a certificate does not imply a unique individual.)
  • Interest in Lifecycle track continues to rise relative to Capability track. Adjusting for credit disparities, Lifecycle track constituted 69% of the certificates in 2012, up from 59% in 2009.
  • Over 2,000 ITIL V3 Experts have been minted thus far in 2012, via the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC; alt. MATL) exam.
  • Although interest in the ITIL Expert certification via MALC continues to climb, it will not exceed on an annual basis the 5,000 ITIL V3 Experts minted in 2011 via the Managers Bridge exam until 2014 at the earliest.
  • Europe continues to dominate the advanced ITIL certification market at over 40%. However, Asian interest continues to climb and now constitutes over 30% of the advanced certifications.

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5 replies on “ITIL Exam Statistics Updated for July 2012”

90% pass rate? Wow. Seems rather high. Sounds like I can take it a bit easier studying for this than the last thing I did (<20% pass rate).

I agree the rate is high, due to easy content, mostly definitional, and wide availability of test preparation material. Courses, books, even free resources. The intermediate exams are harder and the Managing Across the Lifecycle exam passrate is just over 50%. In the future I will superimpose passrates over the volume graphs. Thanks for commenting.

I think you’ll see MALC’s passrate creaping up with the new style exam. I think the new style is much better and brings back some of the elements of V2.

Good feedback on MALC. I found the exam wasn’t very practical or useful for me. So much that I don’t recall very much of it now. I am glad to hear it is being revamped.

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