IT Service Management

Rebooting ITSMinfo

Wow, 2016 is upon us already. Sadly, 2015 passed me by without a single post on ITSMinfo.

To some extent I was just busy. As an independent consultant I am paid by the hour and I have to watch billable hours closely. Fortunately, I stayed busy in 2015.

I also exercised regularly, running and lifting weights at the gym. I also slept regularly, as much as possible, given my global coverage (living in Japan working North American hours).

To some some extent my lack of productivity on the ITSMinfo blog was simple laziness and poor time management. I didn’t track blog ideas as they came to me. I didn’t follow up on ideas I already had. I am resolved to fix them this year.

I do expect to increase output on the ITSMinfo blog to at least monthly. I want posts that are useful to the practitioner community. I will follow recent trends and updates from practitioners, consultants, and academics. I hope to contribute new ideas to the ITSM community. I have updated my WordPress theme to the latest refresh.

I will not deliver:

  • Content dumbed down to the fifth grade level. I assume that people in this community are smart. If we want to move this industry forward, we must have frank, adult discussions.
  • How to implement XYZ process in 5 simple steps.
  • Personal rants or ravings on non-IT topics. You can also find personal rants on my 2G16 blog.

As always I want this blog to be part of a conversation. Sometimes I am wrong. Okay, more than sometimes. I am happy to be corrected, even insulted. This conversation will extend into related forums on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus. On this blog I have updated the commenting system to use Disqus, which I hope will simplify usage.