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GitOps: A Path to More Self-service IT – ACM Queue

Some technological trends are consistent over time:

  • Dematerialization: hardware that accomplishes the same functionality becomes smaller and lighter.

  • Virtualization: hardware stacks are collapsed into software ones. Virtualization enables the configuration and implementation of such stacks in code.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): The corollary of the previous item.

  • Automation: frequently performed tasks are automated to reduce the need for human intervention.

In this article, Thomas A. Limoncelli, frequent blogger and author of several books on system administration, proposes a system in which users can find the appropriate “Service Request” from a Git repository, modify the request for the new application, and propose a review icon as a pull request.

Upon review and approval, it can be submitted to the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline for implementation.

This may work for some organizations, but it isn’t a good general solution for most organizations, for several reasons:

  • Not all hardware is virtualized in all organizations.

  • Not all virtualized hardware can be integrated with the CI pipeline.

  • Not all users have the technical sophistication to submit requests in this manner.

Nevertheless, the article proposes an interesting mechanism in which some IT organizations can advance the state of the art for some of their service requests, while using and advancing their existing DevOps investments.

GitOps: A Path to More Self-service IT – ACM Queue
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