Is the ITIL V3 Expert Level Worth It?

Whether or not the ITIL V3 Expert is worth the money depends on the candidate’s background. Obtaining the ITIL V3 Expert level will NOT make anyone an expert at ITIL V3 or in IT Service Management. If you have a consulting practice related to the management of IT or IT Service Desks, the training and certification may give you some additional tools for you to apply to your consulting practice. The benefit, therefore, is how the consultant applies the material he or she learns, whether consulting or working within an organization.

The certification will not buy¬† much respect with potential clients or partners. There are many “paper” Experts who have little practical experience, and as many true experts who are not certified. The world knows the certification is not very meaningful. In this way the ITIL Expert level is similar to other industry certification, including those from Microsoft and Comp TIA.

Why isn’t the ITIL Expert similar to programs from PMI or ISACA? Because those programs require documented experience in the area of certification. In this way the programs testify to the knowledge AND experience of the credential holder. ITSMF is compensating with the priSM program. PriSM is new and has yet to demonstrate how much value and staying power it has, but it is a step in the right direction. What’s wrong with priSM? The applicant is required to be a member of ITSMF, something not required for credential applicants and holders of PMI’s credentials (PMI gives discounts to members instead).

I am studying for the ITIL Expert. If I don’t believe it in, then why am I doing it? It is hasty to say I don’t believe in it, but I am enrolled because it forces me to study areas of ITIL where I am weak. I do have several years implementation and consulting experience with service desks. However, I am weak on strategy, a domain more typical of the CIO role. I look to the certification to help me round out my knowledge and make me more confident to speak in other areas. By the way, will I become a “Professional” of the priSM program? Maybe, if I can ever be bothered to join (hint, yes, but not yet).