Updated: ITIL Foundation Certificates Since 1994

Using Exin data provided by Aale Roos (Twitter), I am able to estimate the number of ITIL Foundation certificates issued from 1994 to 2011. I now estimate 1,253,100 ITIL Foundation certificates have been issued since 1994, including ITIL v2, ITIL v3, and ITIL v3 Bridge, up 21% from 2010. I estimate another 250,600 Foundation certificates […]

ITIL Exam 2011 Statistics

Overview APM Group just released their final exam performance statistics for all of 2011. ITSMinfo blog is now presenting our unadulterated free analysis of SPAM marketing registration. Note: Click on any image for a larger version. All numbers rounded to 100’s place unless otherwise obvious. ITIL Foundation The total number of ITIL V3 Foundation and […]

The Problem of CSFs

If you are unable or unwilling to appoint a Problem Manager, you are not ready for Problem Management. That’s what I said. Or at least I think that’s what I said. The venerable and ubiquitous Chris Dancy quoted me this January 2011 on episode 1 of the re-formed Pink Elephant Practitioner Radio podcast. He quoted […]